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Hot Water Element Replacement Symptoms

Your hot water element is an integral part of your homes hot water heating system. The element in your system can fail at the worst possible time, for example when somebody’s in the shower while you’re trying to get the washing or dishes done and may incur extra costs for an emergency plumber to attend. Luckily for you our team of specialized plumbers at Kirrawee Plumbing are on hand to repair that hot water heating element.

Symptoms Of A Bad Water Heater

The obvious one is there was no hot water. If you have the thermostat set at the correct temperature which is around about 55°C  the hot water should be flowing nicely . However as the elements near the end of their life cycle they can start to become erratic and should be replaced by professional plumbing Service like ours.

Hot water Element Testing

Should I get the hot water heating element tested prior to replacement? This is a good question and one that our technicians can answer quickly with the use of a screwdriver and a multimeter. Removing the panel to access the hot water element our technicians can quickly test the element has 240 V to it and has a complete circuit. We can also run an amperage test to confirm the element is actually heating. We can also test the insulation resistance of the element to confirm if it is nearing the end of its lifecycle.

Hot water Heating Element Concerns

If you’re having erratic hot water heating problems in your home then do not hesitate to call us and we will see you right. One of our friendly plumbing technicians will call out and do the necessary tests on your system to confirm if there is indeed a problem. It’s not very costly and could save a lot of heart ache having somebody who is trained and skilled to check the system prior to it’s complete and total failure.

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